‘If he can shoot a small baby…’

By Henri du Plessis Time of article published Mar 13, 2014

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Cape Town - Paramedics had the gruesome task on Wednesday night of removing the body of a three-month-old baby girl who had been shot dead by her father in Delft.

The man also shot and killed the baby’s 34-year-old mother in the incident, which happened at about 9.30pm.

There was no trace of this sad incident at 15 FaFan Street in Leiden, Delft on Thursday morning.

At the modest little house which the 38-year-old father had built, on his own with his own hands, all signs of death had been removed.

The front door was locked and the yard appeared scrubbed. Nothing seemed out of place on the tidy property.

And, as the bright morning sun promised heat still to come, neighbours sat around looking at the quiet little house trying to understand what had happened there.

All they know is that this apparently diligent father, who neither drank nor smoked and had a good job, had hauled out a gun and killed his three-month-old baby girl and wife. He then took his two older daughters, aged 12 and 8, and handed himself over at the nearby police station.

“I heard he said it was not his child,” one neighbour suggested this morning.

“He is a very difficult man,” said another.

“I don’t want my name in the paper. Just now he comes out on bail and he comes to me and says he saw I said this and that about him to the newspapers. If he can shoot a small baby…”

“He built that house on his own. He would not let anybody come work there, it was he himself that was building that house,” said an elderly neighbour.

“They were good, quiet people. The woman was a very good mother, she really loved her children. We never heard them argue. Never. He did not drink, he did not smoke, and I think he worked at Greenacres, he had a very good job. His wife worked at a Spar. She was very hard-working.”

A young man who would identify himself only as Homeboy rented an outside room from the couple. Homeboy, who works for a barber nearby, said he did not hear anything or see anything. “I was sleeping. When I woke up in the morning, all this had happened and I did not even know. They are not my people… why should I know anything about them? “

One elderly neighbour was only worried about the couple’s older children. “They will never get over this… This is the first time something like this has happened here in our area. The gangsters shoot each other over there, but nothing like this has happened here to the families,” she said.

Police believe the shooting was related to domestic issues.

Cape Argus

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