Fee bearing image – Cape Town – 141125 – 3 of the Tiger Tiger 5 accused of causing saviour bodily harm to Delia Adonis outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Claremont has appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate Court where they were denied bail. Reporter: Carlo Petersen. Photographer: Armand Hough

Cape Town - In the light of two court cases linked to racial assaults, a Cape Town nightclub risks being shut down for failing to curb drunken and disorderly behaviour of its patrons.

The incidents, which allegedly involve patrons of Tiger Tiger nightclub at Stadium on Main in Claremont, spurred district State prosecutor Nathan Johnson to take the club’s managers to task.

“If these types of incidents keep happening, they can lose their liquor licence and be shut down,” he said.

One of the cases involves Chad De Matos, 19, Aaron Mack, 20, and Mitchell Turner, 20, who are charged with attempted murder, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and crimen injuria after a cleaner at Stadium on Main, Delia Adonis, was brutally attacked and racially assaulted in front of her teenage son.

The attack took place in the parking lot on October 17. The other case involves Djavan Arrigone, 19, a UCT student who allegedly urinated on taxi driver Michelle Puis Nomgcana from the balcony of the nightclub on January 24.

After a meeting with the club’s managers, Johnson said: “They will be watching patrons closely and won’t allow any drunk and disorderly behaviour. They will also not allow any drunk people in.”

Johnson said Tiger Tiger managers had also agreed to hand over drunk patrons to security, who would make sure they got home safely. “If they don’t adhere… their liquor licence will be reduced to 2am.”

Claremont Improvement District Company (CIDC) executive manager Abdul Kerbelker

said: “The CIDC will be working closely with the city and police.”

Staff at Stadium on Main report being constantly bothered by drunk young men and women.

Adonis, 52, said: “Recently one of them wanted to urinate in my cleaning bucket. When I stopped him, he said: ‘If I want to p*** here, I’ll p*** here… You’re just a coloured’.”

Another cleaner, Carrin Petersen, 53, said: “They go there for sex, booze and to fight. I have often been sworn at and treated badly.”

Tiger Tiger spokesman Shaun Lewis said: “Increased security is definitely on the cards.”

Stadium on Main spokeswoman Anel Bridges said: “While we have had complaints of isolated incidents… we cannot say it is anything to warrant concern.”

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