It’s a tactic to implicate me, says Danikas

Durban8032013. sibongile dorothy ndlove

Durban8032013. sibongile dorothy ndlove

Published Mar 12, 2013


Durban - Former police reservist Aristides Danikas said on Monday that while he sympathised with Dorothy Ndlovu, the accusation was just another tactic by Johan Booysen to implicate him in the alleged hit squad killings.

He said he had not been aware of the killing of Moonlight Philani Ndlovu until he had read the affidavit e-mailed to him by the Daily News.

Danikas also described the allegations against him as an attempt to discredit him.

“There are a lot of inaccuracies and false facts in that statement (Ndlovu’s affidavit). However, I will not get into details. The authorities can do so.

“This is a move by JB (Booysen) to use an African person very close to himself that suffered a tragic loss of a son as a weapon against me.”

He said he could prove the allegations against him were false.

“My force number is 2039911. It is a unique number that includes the date of application to the force. My application date was 11/1999.

“So for the record, on July 3, 1998, I was not a police reservist and could not have been involved in any police operations.”

Danikas said his active duty started in March 2001.

To back his claims, Danikas submitted log files of his documented duty registry which started in 2001.

Danikas said he had been appointed with the assistance of Booysen, who acted immediately to have him registered to his office.

“So prior to this date I could not have been in any operational status.”

He claimed Booysen also had keys to his apartment which gave him exclusive knowledge and access of his personal belongings, including clothing.

“My police-issued bulletproof vest was only issued in 2007. I have the relevant documentation to that attached,” he said.

Danikas added he had not been suspended from duty by Booysen, but had resigned.

“After Booysen learnt that I wanted to resign he sent his people on a Saturday to suspend me,” he said. “This was against the regulations as there was no 30-day notice given to me formally.”

Danikas said he hoped the truth would prevail.

“I am sad that Dorothy’s tragic loss is being used to discredit me. My family and I were very kind to her,” he said. “It is another one of the dirty tactics of JB – using the legal system to manipulate and twist the facts in his favour.”

Booysen said last night that he was not going to engage in a “tit-for-tat” debate with Danikas.

“He must come here and face the music.

“He knows very well that he worked with many other units before he joined Cato Manor,” he said.

“He also had his own private bulletproof vest. Let the investigation take its course. The truth will emerge.”

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