Enraged Lenasia residents attempted to prevent paramedics from treating injured men accused of shooting a beloved local philanthropist.

Durban - Enraged Lenasia residents attempted to prevent paramedics from treating injured men accused of being responsible for the death of a beloved local philanthropist.

This is according to Lenasia community policing forum (CPF) chairman Ebrahim Asvat who told The Star that the outraged community took to the streets to stop ambulances from accessing the area following the death of Shar Manjoo.

Manjoo, who was affectionately known as “Uncle Shar” was gunned down on Friday in the suburb south of Joburg, following a shoot-out between community patrollers and robbers.

Two of the men, who allegedly robbed a house in the area prior to the shooting, also died in the crossfire.

Gauteng police spokesman Captain Mavela Masondo said that on Friday afternoon, three armed men entered a house and tied up a domestic worker and a gardener before locking them in an outside bathroom. The homeowner and his brother then returned home and walked in on the robbery.

“The suspects fired shots at them, injuring the brother,” he said.

The gunshots caught the attention of community members who rushed to the scene

A shoot-out between the residents and gunmen then ensued, during which Manjoo and the two robbers were killed.

“The neighbourhood watch member murdered was turning 61 years old on the day of the incident,” said Masondo.

The third suspected robber attempted to flee in a BMW, but was apprehended and allegedly assaulted by the community.

“He was taken to hospital under police guard. Police also recovered three firearms at the scene that are suspected to be belonging to the suspects,” said Masondo.

Video footage of the shooting has since been uploaded to YouTube and have been shared several times on social media.

In the video, men can be seen standing on a street corner and firing several rounds.

“Shoot him baba,” and “kill him”, bystanders can be heard saying.

In a separate video following the deadly shooting, which has also been uploaded to YouTube, community members are seen stopping ambulances from driving to the crime scene.

Profanities can be heard as scores of men fill the streets.

“They kill our people, what about our children?” asks one of them.

Asvat said residents were outraged at Manjoo’s death. He said that the 61-year-old was part of the community patrollers who had tried to apprehend the men, but instead lost his life.

“‘He was the Madiba of the area. He was a great man who served the community for years,” said Asvat.

He added Manjoo was instrumental in uplifting the community as he cared for the elderly, tried to rehabilitate drug addicts in the area and would even tried to assist with domestic disputes.

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