Cape Town-131030. Various communities marched to the Provincial Legislature this afternoon demanding to see Zille about housing demands. She did not appear and a number of impatient marchers marched through the CBD looting stalls and the like. these protesters are seen looting a fruit stand just outside the ABSA buildingl .Reporter: Daneel Knoetze. Photo: jason boud

Majakaneng - Protesters in Majakaneng in the North West looted two shops belonging to foreigners on Thursday, a resident said.

“When the police shot at us, community members became angry and looted the shops,” Pule Rakomane said.

Protesters also torched three vehicles.

“They were old cars that were no longer being used,” said Rakomane.

Police however said they knew nothing about the looting or burnt cars.

“We have not received reports of those incidents yet,” Colonel Sabata Mokgwabone said.

“What we do know is that the protesters were holding a meeting and that a councillor's house was vandalised. The protesters had also tried to barricade the N4 but police stopped them,” he said.

Rakomane said protesters were gathered at the local taxi rank, discussing their next plan of action.

“Right now, police are shooting at us again but we haven't done anything. We are just talking,” he said.

He alleged that several people had been injured and others arrested.

Police said a cement truck had earlier been torched on the N4.

“A bus ferrying construction employees was also damaged... at Majakaneng,” Rakomane said.

Residents were reportedly protesting against water shortages and wanted better roads and RDP houses.