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A Western Cape farmer is behind bars for allegedly trying to cut off his neighbour’s testicles for raping his goat.

The alleged animal rapist, whose name is known to the Daily Voice, was literally caught with his pants down by another neighbour on Sunday morning.

The shocked woman claims she watched in horror as the man violated the defenceless goat on a farm near Worcester.

She then informed the goat owner, Andile Nzilili, of the attack on his animal.

Nzilili, 42, then allegedly attacked the man by trying to castrate him with a pair of pliers.

The outraged farmer was arrested later that morning.

Family friend Victoria Mzamo, 32, says the alleged sex fiend drew a knife and threatened to stab Nzilili after he was caught.

“The woman saw him and asked why he was raping the goat,” said Mzamo.

“He told the woman he was going to kill the goat and eat it when he is done.

“She told Andile what was happening and when the rapist got to him, they got into a fight.

The alleged animal violator took out a long knife and Nzilili told his child to go get his pliers.

“That’s when (Nzilili) took it and cut his (genitals),” she explained.

The injured man, who was left with a bleeding crotch, was rushed to hospital with his pride and manhood barely intact.

He is unmarried and lives alone in a small shack in Zwelethemba.

Meanwhile, Nzilili appeared briefly in the Worcester Magistrates’ court on Wednesday where he faces a charge of attempted murder.

The case was postponed until next week pending bail information.

Andile’s wife Nolubabalo Mbengo, 42, said this was not the first time one of their goats had been raped.

“It happened two times before but we never caught the person,” she said.

And they now suspect the man recovering in hospital could have targeted their herd before.

“The first time I noticed that one of the goats was bleeding from behind,” explained Mbengo.

“We don’t know what happened but then there was another time when I saw someone in the bush doing something to another one of our goats.

“When I went closer, the man ran off.

“This time he was caught and we think it was him all the other times.”

After Nzilili’s court appearance, Mzamo accompanied the Daily Voice team to the kraal where the goats are kept.

Inside we found the brown adult goat which she said was raped.

She also pointed out the first goat that was attacked.

“That one is very sick. You can see that something was done to him because there is blood on his behind and part of his (anus) is still out,” she explained.

“You can also see the flies all around the injury – what kind of a person does that?!

“This is a sick man, I can’t believe it.”

A short distance from the kraal, the suspected attacker’s tightly-locked shack stands vacant.

Mzamo said: “Andile is a good man and now he must sit in jail for something like this.”

Meanwhile, Worcester police spokesperson Captain Mzikayise Moloi said the suspected goat rapist was still in hospital and no charges have been laid against him.

* This article was published in the Daily Voice