Randburg Magistrate's court. Sindiswe Manqele is accused of murdering the hip-hop star Nkululeko "Flaba" Habedi in his home in March of this year. 070915. Picture: Chris Collingridge 333b

Johannesburg - The State has accused the girlfriend of stab victim and hip hop artist Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi of fabricating her version of the events of March 9.

Sindisiwe Manqele has pleaded not guilty to the murder of her lover at his home, claiming she was defending herself and did not intend to fatally stab him.

She has testified that she stabbed him while trying to free himself from his grip.

Earlier this week, she told the High Court sitting in Randburg that she had argued with her boyfriend at a club in Sandton earlier that evening.

She said he had become jealous when two other men starting talking to her and his friend’s girlfriend and that had started the argument.

But, State prosecutor Paul Schutter told the court that in fact it was Manqele who was jealous during the events leading up to the fatal stabbing, and not the other way round.

Schutter asked Manqele if she knew that Habedi was married.

She told the court that she had found out through the media when he had attended the South African Music Awards with his wife in 2006, but that Habedi had told her they were separated.

“He assured me that he was going to break up with her and that they weren’t sleeping together,” Manqele said.

Asked whether she had been drinking the evening before she stabbed Habedi, she told the court that she had had three ciders, “one tequila shot and one glass of vodka”.

Manqele denied knowing about Kea (Habedi’s ex-girlfriend) and claimed she had heard about her for the first time in court.