Woman suffering from headache, migraine, shown in office with computer and desk. Sourced by Verve, The Star

London - Migraine patients could be helped by a tiny strip of film that melts on the tongue.

This allows pain-busting medicine to be rapidly absorbed through the lining of the mouth. As a result, it’s hoped sufferers will get faster relief when a migraine strikes.

The condition affects around one in ten of the UK population. Many sufferers take pills to treat the condition, but these must travel down to the stomach, where they are broken down by gastric acids before they can be gradually absorbed into the bloodstream.

Scientists behind the new film technology believe it will be just as effective as existing tablets but work much more quickly.

Tissues in the lining of the mouth are packed with hundreds of tiny blood vessels that provide a quick access route into the bloodstream for drug molecules.

A trial comparing the melting film with existing oral treatments is about to get under way in Canada. - Daily Mail