Community members with ward councillor Rashieda Landis outside the courtroom where Caleb Ouman's father appeared for allegedly beating Caleb to death. A memorial service will be held for Caleb. Picture: Supplied

Johannesburg - A memorial service will be held for a five-year-old boy who died following an alleged beating from his father. 

Caleb Ouman, from Chrisville, Johannesburg, reportedly died from internal bleeding after his father allegedly smashed him into a wall and repeatedly kicked him. 

His father Seisax Boesack has since been arrested over the alleged incident and appeared in court, where he faces a murder charge. 

The matter was postponed to October 4 and Boesack has since abandoned his bail bid. 

DA ward councillor Rashieda Landis said the memorial service would take place on Wednesday morning in Chrisville. 

"We're meeting at 1 Turquoise Court at 8.30am, where we will proceed to the church for a service before his family [from Welkom] takes his body back to Welkom for a funeral service.

Shocked community members meanwhile, shared their memories of little Caleb, describing him as a quiet, withdrawn child. 

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Community member Antonio Martins, whose son used to play with Caleb, said they couldn't work out what had gone so terribly wrong in the Boesak household.

“He was a quiet, withdrawn, little soul," Martins said of Caleb.

"He hardly said much. I remember telling my son to come and sit with him in our house and offer him juice or biscuits, but all he said was, 'no, he doesn’t want'.

"I suspect that he was afraid of the father.”

Caleb's funeral service will take place on Saturday.