Mom tells of being raped

By Zelda Venter Time of article published Dec 10, 2010

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She begged him not to rape her and told him he could take whatever she had. He instead threw her on the bed, raped her and then called his friend to have his turn. All this happened while her four-year-old daughter was walking in and out of the bedroom.

This was the heart-rending tale of a pretty blonde correctional services official, who yesterday told the Pretoria High Court in tears about her harrowing ordeal.

The incident in August, 2008, when she was gang-raped while in her home in the grounds of Baviaanspoort Prison, outside Cullinan, was so traumatic that she still has to see both a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

Johannes Monama, 21, and Marebele Sebetsho, 26, both of Soshanguve, pleaded not guilty to housebreaking with the intent to rape and rob, rape and robbery with aggravating circumstances. They remained mum about their defence.

The woman told Judge Bert Bam that she was extremely security conscious – her doors were always locked, she had high fencing around her house as well as a bull terrier roaming around the yard.

She said she heard her neighbour’s dog bark during the night of August 18, 2008, but she could not detect anything wrong. She and her daughter got ready for work and nursery school the next morning and her daughter, as usual, sat watching television in the lounge, waiting for her father to take her to nursery school at 7am.

The couple had recently been divorced.

The woman said her security door was locked, while the wooden door stood open. Her keys were on a table about 1m from the door. She went to the bedroom to dress in her uniform and realised something was wrong when she heard her child speaking to someone in the house.

“I turned around and I saw a man walking towards my bedroom with my daughter next to him. He wore a correctional services uniform coat. I noticed a 9mm pistol sticking out from under his coat. I asked him what he wanted and he told me to be silent, else he was going to kill me and my child.”

The child was hysterical and her mother tried to calm her. “I begged him to leave my child alone.”

She said the man took the laces from her shoes and tied her hands behind her back. “I kept on asking him what he wanted and told him I had money. He only laughed at me and said, ‘I came to fetch my thing.’ He then asked me whether I did not recognise him.”

She said she knew he had something to do with the prison, but she could not place him. The man became angry and pulled her around. She instructed her daughter to go back to the lounge to wait for her father, but the child did not want to leave her side.

The man, whom she later identified as Monama, pushed her on the bed and he pulled her underwear off.

“I begged him not to rape me. I said, ‘Please, don’t. You can take anything, but please don’t rape me.’”

She broke down in tears as she explained to the court how she was raped, while the attacker kissed her and later throttled her to such an extent that she thought she was going to pass out.

With his pants still on his knees, he leant over her and called his friend. The woman said her daughter walked into the bedroom again.

A second man then came in and tried to force her on her stomach, but she refused. He then also raped her. The first man returned to the room and the two looked for loot.

“The second man then left the room with my daughter. I begged him to leave her alone. The first man gagged my mouth with my pyjamas and tied my legs together.”

She said he threw her into the cupboard and closed the door. It could not lock and her daughter returned to the room and rescued her.

According to the woman, who pointed at both accused in the dock as her rapists, she later recognised the first man as a prisoner who assisted at the dog unit by cleaning kennels. She was taken to hospital, where she remained in traction for some time as she had hurt her back when she was thrown into the cupboard.

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