Maruschka Robinson and JP Malan appear at the Johannesburg High Court sitting in Palm Ridge. File picture: Bongiwe Mchunu

Johannesburg - The murder trial of two people accused of killing a man and stuffing his body into a boot took an unexpected turn on Tuesday morning with a revelation that one of them had confessed.

JP Malan and stripper Maruschka Robinson are on trial for the murder of Dustan Blom and had pleaded not guilty.

They allegedly killed Blom, went around shopping using his credit cards and then dumped his body in the boot of his own car at Montecasino.

It was the smell that was emanating from the car which alerted the security guards to the fact that all was not right with that vehicle.

Both Malan and Robinson were later arrested and blamed Blom's death on each other. 

In June Malan was found guilty of killing Blom while Robinson was found guilty of accessory after the fact.

Both were found guilty of robbery and fraud.

However, during mitigation of sentence on Tuesday morning, probation officer Annette Vergeer told the court that Malan confessed to the murder to her.

Testifying at the Johannesburg High Court sitting in Palm Ridge, Vergeer said it was during a consultation with Malan that he told her that he was remorseful about what happened and that he wanted to come clean.

She said Malan told her that she and Robinson used Blom for money and that was how they maintained their life.

They would allegedly drug him. As he lay there in a drugged haze, they would use his credit card and spend a lot of his money.

However, one night a drugged Blom woke up, something that took Malan by suprise.

“He said when Blom woke up he got a fright. He did not know what to do and strangled him,” Vergeer said.

According to Vergeer, it was after confessing about what happened that relief came over Malan.

The sentencing proceedings continue.

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