Johannesburg - Independent forensic investigators have said the latest murder of an associate of Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir appeared to have been a hit staged as a robbery gone wrong.

One of the investigators said he suspected that these murders were being ordered by Krejcir’s enemies as a warning.

Veselin Laganin was shot dead in his Bedfordview home in the early hours of Saturday during a robbery, police spokesman Brigadier Neville Malila said.

This comes less than a month after another businessman linked to Krejcir, Bassam Issa, was gunned down near Laganin’s home.

In February last year, Laganin was arrested along with Krejcir and former bouncer Jason Dominguez-Baya in connection with the alleged robbery of a businessman at a Pretoria West electronics shop.

The charges against all three were dropped in October last year.

Police said on Sunday that no arrests had been made in connection with Laganin’s murder.

Private investigator Paul O’Sullivan said Laganin and Krejcir had a falling out after they were arrested in connection with the Pretoria West robbery.

“It’s too early to say it was a hit, but if I was trying to get rid of somebody, I would also try make it look like a house robbery gone wrong or a hijacking gone wrong,” O’Sullivan said.

Chad Thomas, from IRS Forensic Investigations, suspected that these murders were not ordered by Krejcir himself but by enemies of the Czech as a threat.

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