According to the WHO, most cases of schistosomiasis are undiagnosed and few medical staff are aware of its existence. It gets no mention in medical textbooks or nursing curricula in any of the countries where schistosomiasis is endemic. Picture: YouTube

London - When the ancient Greeks wrote about the giant Argus, they imagined a fearsome beast with 100 ever-watchful eyes trained on gods and mortals alike.

They most certainly did not have in mind a tiny flatworm that anyone might find in their back garden.

But a keen naturalist has found just such a creature in grassland near Cambridge. Brian Eversham, chief executive of the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, discovered the flatworm — which has between 50 and 60 eyes — when he turned over a log one Sunday morning.

The worm, which he generously described as “cute”, is 12mm long and is thought to be a new species. It’s yet to be named, but the “Argus flatworm” has a certain ring to it. - Daily Mail