05/05/2014. EFF Commander in Chief Julias Malema during his first visit at the IEC National Results Operation Centre in Pretoria. Picture: Oupa Mokoena

Johannesburg - Orania residents in the Northern Cape said on Thursday there was nothing wrong with residents of the right-wing town voting for the Economic Freedom Fighters.

“We don't really care if people living in Orania voted for the EFF, it's okay... it's a free choice because we are not opposed to any political party,” said spokesman Jaco Kleynhans.

The EFF garnered four (1.37 percent) national votes in Orania, according to the latest election results.

Kleynhans said the four EFF votes could have come from anyone.

“It could be people who live around Orania and chose to vote in the voting station in Orania,” said Kleynhans.

EFF leader Julius Malema had visited the community and they had welcomed him with open arms.

Kleynhans said party politics formed a small part of their lives.

“People in Orania are less focused on party politics, we are trying to build a solid community.

He said he did no know why the Freedom Front Plus was losing ground in this year's elections.

The Freedom Front Plus is the leading party in the town with 224 of the vote (76.98 percent), while the ruling African National Congress won five votes nationally (1.72 percent) in Orania.