President Jacob Zuma celebrates his 75th birthday on April 12. File picture: GCIS
Darryl van Aswegen has written a poetic salute (of sorts) to President Zuma on his 75th birthday.

Dear Mr President, imagine yourself lying awake at night concerned with the fact that in the next few months the inevitable interest rate hike will result in a personal financial shortfall which will result in you forfeiting everything you had worked so hard for.

Imagine the realisation of the grant recipients when the true realisation that the country can no longer support them due to the credit restrictions brought about by the saddled interest rates placed on the country due its downgrade, is now a certainty. Imagine the frustration and suffering the public will undergo when the prices of fuel and basic necessities escalates to the point where poverty and misery will become a norm in this country.

Imagine the closure of businesses due to the declining spending power of the population and the rise in employment. Imagine the type of defences this government will have to implement to quell the various uprisings and demonstrations that are going to take place across the country against Zuptafication, supported by your zonked out zealots. Does this not take your memory to the eras of colonialism and apartheid? That it can be imparted on the nation by a son of the soil is abhorrent.

My birthday gift to you is a reinforcement that your corrupted presidency will forever remain your legacy to the people of this great country.

May your birthday be as unpleasant as is the current state and status of the country.

Darryl Van Aswegen