Corporal Sydney Jongikhaya "Joe" Booth
Corporal Sydney Jongikhaya "Joe" Booth

Courage under Covid: In memory of my brother, Corporal 'Joe' Booth

By Abegail Booth Time of article published Jun 20, 2020

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Abegail Booth buried her younger brother, SANDF soldier Corporal Sydney Jongikhaya "Joe" Booth, on Friday. He is one of the 1 831 people who have died of coronavirus-related complications in South Africa. 

She wrote this for him:

In memory of Corporal Sydney Jongikhaya "Joe" Booth who, while departed, will not be forgotten as he flies free from his earthly restraints.

Courage under COVID

To all our soldiers past and present, God Bless. 

Glory to the South African Flag, long may it wave 
Although, so many have been covered with it when they have gone to their grave. 
So many of us have taken for granted that our freedom will always be 
We tend to forget those who guard it and keep it safe for you and for me. 
A reminder, a soldier will stand and fight all night to keep us from harm 
A soldier will always be there to ensure that we are protected during this pandemic

While some of us sit at home, and refuse to lift an arm. 
Some complain, how wrong is this war with an invisible enemy
While a soldier, true to their duty remains silent and continues to fight for you and me.
Those who have and those without, have one thing in common
The choice to stay in or go out

Whilst a soldier questions not their instruction
There as they are, to prevent our human destruction.
A soldier stands tall and proud, ready for the fight 
When one is taken too soon, it is our duty
to support those they leave behind, with light. 

Sydney Booth, it broke our heart to lose you,
Father, brother, husband, son and friend
Gone too soon, never to be forgotten
A soldier to the end.
Rest in peace. QHAWE LAMA QHAWE

Abegail Booth on behalf of the Booth Family

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