ANC leaders first feed themselves through rampant maladministration. Once their bellies are full, then only can the poor eat, says the writer. File picture Cindy Waxa/African News Agency (ANA)
The ANC reminds me of the words uttered by Marie Antoinette when she responded to the dire poverty and hunger faced by the French citizens.

The statement came to symbolize the ignorance that came with being a privileged bourgeoisie. I could not ignore history repeating itself once again; where the privileged ANC offers the poor cake instead of service delivery.

The ANC next week will be celebrating its 107th birthday, by hosting a big birthday bash in Durban. They have subsequently announced that the left-over cake will be donated to old age homes, HIV and AIDS centres and other relevant NGO’s.

The issue here is not the act of donating, but what is being donated and what it represents. In other words, the disadvantaged citizens of this country are only good enough to enjoy leftover cake coming from opulent parties hosted by the governing elite.

This act also speaks to a much broader ANC issue, the issue of corruption. Where ANC leaders first feed themselves through rampant maladministration. 
Once their bellies are full, then only can the poor eat. What is often left over is mediocre service delivery that does not improve the lives of poor South Africans.

What is the relevance of donating these leftover cakes? Will it improve the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS? Will it provide old persons with the care and services they need? Or will it address the issues of poverty and youth unemployment?

Of course not. This is just another publicity stunt that exploits the poor.

I urge the ANC to have a relook at their strategy, as the people are not fools. We know how the story of Marie Antoinette ended, and the 2019 elections could be the ANC’s guillotine if they do not start taking the people seriously. 

* Love is a political commentator.

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