Cape Town-100519-The " Blue Light Brigade " barges through rush hour traffic on De Waal Drive. Picture Jeffrey Abrahams

Durban - The accident in which uMgungundlovu mayoral guards are alleged to have killed a man in a stationary vehicle raises important questions about the profligate use of bodyguards, including those with criminal convictions (“Call for inquiry into fatal crash”, May 15)

Firstly, why do mayors and some councillors need so many bodyguards, and why are they driving such expensive cars?

The UK premier reportedly travelled on the London underground with two bodyguards and Angela Merkel, the most powerful woman in Europe, has been seen publicly with one bodyguard.

Who do these politicians think they are, and what exactly is the threat?

According to your report, the bodyguards implicated in the recent accident were also initially charged for a 2013 incident involving a threat to and intimidation of a motorist. One bodyguard has a criminal conviction and is not registered with PSIRA, the security industry regulatory authority.

The municipality is thus breaking the law by continuing to employ him. Why is no action being taken against it, including by Cogta?

It is time taxpayers, who are funding this wanton extravagance, demand answers from politicians, who are becoming increasingly unaccountable.

Huge amounts of money are wasted on bodyguards at all levels of government while a significant percentage of our population go to bed hungry.

Such behaviour is truly nauseating.



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