Cape Town - After days being bashed on social media for refusing to pay out Denise Ganas' claim against her husband Nathan's life insurance, Momentum Life on Tuesday announced that it has backtracked on its original decision and will now pay out the R2.4 million claim to the widow.

The insurance giant also announced that it will pay out life insurance claims to families of victims of violent crime, to a maximum of R3 million, regardless  of their medical history.  According to Momentum, the  policy change will be applied to all current and future life insurance policies. 

The consensus among South Africans on Twitter and Facebook was that this case was a classic example of social activism at work, as well as the powerful role that social media plays in holding big business to account.

In a country where we have long been accustomed allowing ourselves to be bullied into accepting the often unjust "policies" of big businesses, the case of Denise Ganas and the way the public mobilised to show their displeasure at Momentum's use of an "industry standard" to try and get out of honouring her claim, is sure to be precedent-setting.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter: