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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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The Winnie birthday picture that speaks volumes

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela with Julius Malema and Cyril Ramaphosa at her 80th birthday celebration at Cape Town's Mount Nelson Hotel. Picture: Elmond Jiyane

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela with Julius Malema and Cyril Ramaphosa at her 80th birthday celebration at Cape Town's Mount Nelson Hotel. Picture: Elmond Jiyane

Published Sep 21, 2016


A picture of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Julius Malema and Cyril Ramaphosa makes a remarkable statement of black power, writes Sandile Memela.

Pretoria - The sight of three well-dressed powerful African figures united in love, laughter and joy makes a remarkable statement of black power.

In fact, Julius, Winnie and Cyril have enhanced and complemented each other over the past three decades.

This picture makes it clear that together they make a powerful team.

It would be a major coup if Mama - as Winnie is affectionately called - were to broker a pact where they all dissolve into the new ANC or coalition with the clear African agenda we all want.

In many ways, uMama is the only one who has the power to stop the war that is tearing the ANC apart and threatening the future of the African continent.

They must build on this Black Love. Thinking about it, this is the most feared picture of black people in the world: powerful, magnetic, happy, united in political purpose. Above all, filled with love laughter and joy that is not over-reacting to white racism.

Thank God there are still people who care for uMama. There was a time not too long ago when it was easy to believe she had been buried alive.

This country can be cruel. People can forget you and abandon you.

We should always cherish this picture and memory of black powerful people United in Love to celebrate a life of common purpose and unity.

It is easy to notice that the joy and laughter they radiate is genuine. The best thing is that uMama has regained her alluring beauty and liveliness.

She is literally glowing with life, love, warmth and beauty of the spirit.

Blacks must have more parties where they celebrate each other. Let’s party. Let’s celebrate Love, Light, Laughter and Black Beauty of the soul.

This is what will give the world a human face. I cannot imagine anyone who will look at this picture and not be stirred by it. It is a love picture that has remarkable power.

Well we all know that Julius is cocky. For over four years now he has been hurling insults at Cyril over Marikana - the biggest mistake in post-liberation history.

UMama must broker peace between the two men.

While we will always remember Marikana as the brutality of the capitalist economic system on black men, we must not forget that it marks a monument of what should never, never and never happen again in this most unequal society.

No one need to tell you that Cyril is a smooth talking arrogant diplomat and businessman too.

He knows how to play the game.

He is a master strategist when it comes to winning capitalist friends and influencing thought leadership.

Well, for her part, uMama has always been resolute, determined and tenacious. This comes with a streak of defiance. It can become arrogant too.

But this is neither about cockiness nor arrogance. Rather these are qualities that can be powerful instruments depending on what you want to achieve.

As far as the beautiful threesome is concerned, these qualities make them frighteningly powerful personalities.

Frankly, this picture of happy and united black people should send shivers down the spine of oppressors and exploiters of Africa. They will do anything they can to break this picture.

The whole point about the picture is that it should mark a beginning, a stepping stone.

UMama is one of the few living treasures who are positive, respected and well loved black political figures in the world today. This does not mean she is flawless. We all have our baggage.

Sadly, she too will not be here forever.

But this picture allows and gives her the opportunity and power to broker love, peace and unity among these two powerful black men who are almost enemies.

We are at that point in our history where the beautiful ones are ready to lead. It is time for genuine heroes to emerge: honest, truthful and uncompromising. UMama should speak to uDali Mpofu, Julius and Cyril to explore possibilities of all of them dissolving into one power bloc or coalition to save the future of the ANC, the black people of this country and the African continent. For a very long time when Mandela was in jail, Thabo Mbeki in exile and the ANC banned, uMama kept the black people politically alive and energised on the values and objectives of the Struggle.

Unity based on love, joy and happiness of ALL black people is the only foundation. Blacks must embrace and forgive whites to heal themselves.

Julius and Cyril are important drivers of the true freedom train. UMama is the face of hope for the majority. Only she can stop the war and bring this country to peace with itself.

* Memela is a writer, cultural critic and public servant. He writes in his personal capacity.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

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