Parents claim they know nothing about twins' abuse

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Published Mar 13, 2017


Pretoria – It is not possible to say which of the two parents assaulted their 11-weeks-old twins to such an extent that the boy was left severely brain damaged and will never be able to care for himself, but it is clear that both of them full well know what happened to the babies.

This is according to Gauteng High Court Judge Eben Jordaan, who on Monday convicted both parents as an accessory after the fact to attempted murder on the boy.

The former couple were also convicted as an accessory after the fact to assault with the aim of inflicting grievous bodily harm relating to the girl.

The parents, who claimed they had no idea how their twins got injured, stormed out of court after their conviction. They are now separated and sat far apart in the dock.

The children were assaulted around December 2012, while the then couple visited the man’s parents in Rayton, east of Pretoria.

The names of the parents may not be made public as to protect the identity of their children.

The boy, only identified as Baby J, suffered severe brain damage and doctors who examined him on Christmas morning 2012, said it was clear that the damage was due to severe blunt force trauma to the head. He also had bruises on his fingers, both ears and bottom.

His sister suffered several broken ribs and X-rays revealed that some of the fractures were in fact busy healing by the time she was examined.

According to medical evidence severe force had to be applied to her to break her ribs, as a baby’s ribs were flexible.

“It is logical that the assaults could not have occurred in silence. The assaults were probably done in a fit of anger. The babies must have cried hysterically due to the pain inflicted on them,” the judge said.

The parents remained mum about what happened, but they judge concluded that it is clear that one of them or both, inflicted the injuries. While it is impossible to say who did what, it is clear that both knew exactly what was happening, he said.

The case proceeds on Tuesday.

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