Cape Town 131003- 17 year old Anele Mhlawuli was stabbed to death by another learners at New Eisleben high school in Nyanga. Picture Cindy waxa.Reporter Zodidi/Argus
Cape Town 131003- 17 year old Anele Mhlawuli was stabbed to death by another learners at New Eisleben high school in Nyanga. Picture Cindy waxa.Reporter Zodidi/Argus

Parents give up own kids to cops

By Time of article published Oct 4, 2013

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Zodidi Dano, Yolisa Tswanya and Henri du Plessis

Cape Town - Police have taken three teenagers into custody in connection with the stabbing death of a 17-year-old schoolboy at a Crossroads school.

New Eisleben High School pupil Anele Mhawuli was stabbed at school and later died at Nyanga Day Hospital on Thursday. He allegedly belonged to the Vura gang and his three attackers to the Vato gang.

Police praised the parents of the three suspects, boys from the same school as the victim, for handing over their children, after police had searched for them at their homes.

The three boys, were all 17 years old, said police liaison officer Captain FC van Wyk.

“The suspects will appear in Athlone Magistrate’s Court on Monday on charges of murder,” Van Wyk said. “The station management appreciate what these parents have done. This shows there are still parents out there who respect the rule of law.”

The education department said the school had 24-hour security but it was unclear how the weapon had been brought in.

“This is a senseless and tragic loss of life and our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family during this difficult time,” said the department’s spokeswoman, Bronagh Casey.

“The school does have 24-hour security, but it is not yet clear how the weapon was brought into the school. The WCED Safe Schools directorate is currently assessing the security measures at the school,” said Casey.

The incident occurred minutes after assembly was adjourned and the pupils were about to head to class.

“Three boys headed towards Anele and his friend and they started talking. The boys then slapped Anele and he then took out a knife. They kicked him and he fell and that’s when they started stabbing him repeatedly,” said a pupil who saw the stabbing.

Pupils said Anele had been in a fight the day before with the same boys.

Anele’s sister, Nosiseko, 32, said her brother had been in her care since 2009 and their parents were in the Eastern Cape.

“I got a call and was told to come to the school because my brother had been hurt. When I got there I was told he was at the day hospital. I wasn’t allowed to see him at the hospital because the doctors were busy with him. Minutes later I was told he was dead,” she said.

Nosiseko said her brother was a good boy who dreamt of being a pilot and loved “spaza” rap, a local form of hip hop. “Even if they arrest the perpetrators, what good will it be because my brother is no longer living and they are still alive,” she said yesterday.

Education MEC Donald Grant visited the family on Thursday and counselling was provided for pupils who had been traumatised by the incident.

Earlier this year three pupils were stabbed and one was shot at school.

Ned Doman pupil Uviwe Mzingelwa, 18, was stabbed to death in March on a bus after an altercation with a fellow pupil.

In the same month, a Grade 9 pupil at Oscar Mpetha High School, in Khayelitsha, was stabbed after a playground fight.

Four pupils were apprehended for the incident.

In May, 17-year-old Enrico Martin was shot in the head and later died at Groote Schuur hospital. Martin was approached by gunmen as he was entering the school premises. The incident was allegedly gang-related.

Last month, a 16-year-old Northpine Technical High School pupil was taken to hospital after being stabbed at school.

A 17-year-old was arrested and released into his parents’ custody.

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