Momentum Financial Planning is looking at establishing an expansive and high-performing community of professional Financial Advisers.
Momentum Financial Planning is looking at establishing an expansive and high-performing community of professional Financial Advisers.

A career in financial planning is about helping others succeed

By Brandstories Time of article published Jul 26, 2021

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No one saw the COVID-19 pandemic coming. Its effects were felt globally and by people from all walks of life. If there was ever a time where the value of financial advice was important, this was it.

How does an individual navigate through uncertainty, unplanned expenses, restricted cash flow and still manage to maintain a pre-pandemic standard of living? It takes help from a trusted Financial Adviser to evaluate current and future expectations.

About Momentum Financial Planning

We are a purpose-driven organisation, centering our behaviour and choices around our conviction in showing up to positively impact people’s journeys because we care. Partnering with a Financial Adviser is no longer a luxury – it is a requirement for success. The Momentum Financial Planning (MFP) cluster is responsible for face-to-face financial planning within the South African context and within the legislative and regulatory environment.

Through establishing long-term relationships, Momentum Financial Advisers provide clients across different market segments (middle-income, affluent, professional market and business) with holistic financial planning, and a comprehensive range of appropriate and competitive solutions. These include traditional life insurance, risk and savings products, investment, retirement, health and fiduciary services as well as short-term insurance.

Momentum Financial Advisers provide clients across different market segments.

We believe in the value of advice and partnering with clients on their journey to success.

Being a Financial Adviser means making a positive difference to people’s lives by guiding them to financial security with advice on how to manage their money throughout their lifetime. MFP is a well-established business and is built on solid client relationships spanning various generations. Our Financial Advisers provide expert advice that clients can trust to help them make informed decisions about their money - so they can achieve their life-long dreams and goals.

Growing our footprint

As we continue to strive towards becoming the most competitive, accountable, and professional in-house financial planning advice business in South Africa, we are looking at establishing an expansive and high-performing community of professional Financial Advisers. By growing our adviser footprint, we will be positioned to create a successful, sustainable and rewarding future for all our stakeholders.

Who we looking for

We are looking for experienced and new-to-industry Financial Advisers (with and without work experience). Our recruitment campaign which was launched in December 2020 on our social media platforms has gained immense traction and is a strategic enabler in our pursuit of growth.

Although experience and existing financial planning skills are an added advantage, new-to-industry Financial Advisers or advisers with no work experience can rest assured that they will receive dedicated support from management. This will be accompanied by opportunities for continuous professional development, and they will be provided with adequate tools and resources to grow their skill set. The most suitable candidates are those with relevant post-matric qualifications and who are willing to learn, build confidence in their abilities, and are coachable with the intention to succeed.

The next generation of Financial Advisers

By consciously growing our footprint, we will be able to diversify and transform our adviser community and reach untapped or under-serviced regions. Our advisers will be responsible for new client acquisition and engagement with the aim of building strong relationships, trust and retention. Through an entrepreneurial spirit and by taking ownership, advisers can adapt to a new way of work. The most rewarding though, is that as MFP we are committed to helping individuals establish long and successful careers with us.

Rigorous recruitment and screening process

Our non-traditional recruitment process gives candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their characteristics and attributes through an online screening process that is made up of online activities, digital interviews, and assessments; which all lead up to shortlisting and finalisation of an appointment.

Momentum Institute of Financial Planning (MIFP)

For any new candidate joining MFP, we naturally have high expectations. For this reason, all new advisers will be set up for success through relevant training at the recently established Momentum Institute of Financial Planning which provides structured training. Within a set timeframe, candidates will complete the appropriate modules and master the skills needed to become a successful Financial Adviser.

A compelling career with Momentum Financial Planning

The profession as a Financial Adviser is about wanting to help others, and it does provide career satisfaction, greater earning potential and flexibility. By joining the MFP team of high performing professionals, new hires will need to show commitment to both the growth of the organisation and their career by utilising their skills, knowledge and abilities to add value to our clients’ lives and to Momentum. The true differentiator between a job and a successful career at MFP will be the additional effort put in by candidates who are willing to rise above any challenges.

Join our team

For exceptional candidates who have a strong conviction that a career in financial planning is what you would like to pursue, we encourage you to apply today and make your journey to success a reality by clicking here.

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