For this year’s Mandela Month commemorations, AVBOB has joined the fight against Gender-based Violence by donating to several NGOs across the country.
For this year’s Mandela Month commemorations, AVBOB has joined the fight against Gender-based Violence by donating to several NGOs across the country.

AVBOB celebrates Madiba legacy by contributing to fight against GBV

By Brandstories Time of article published Jul 31, 2020

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As a mutual society, leading funeral service and insurance provider, AVBOB is intrinsically involved in the communities it serves. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that with this year’s Mandela Month commemorations, the group has joined the fight against Gender-based Violence (GBV) by donating to several NGOs across the country.

During the first week of the COVID-19 lockdown, over 87 000 cases of GBV were reported to police. Since then, there have been many reports that indicate that there has been a surge in GBV cases.

As such, AVBOB has seen it as incumbent on themselves to join the fight to create awareness around such a pervasive human condition. In the past, AVBOB has already taken a public stance against GBV, led by CEO Carl van der Riet. But it is intensifying efforts with the launch of a new campaign against GBV, which it has kicked off by donating a total of R210 000 to seven NGO’s across South Africa. This is a prelude to a national initiative that will be launched in the next couple of days.

In response to the launch of AVBOB’s anti-GBV initiatives, Van der Riet says, “As we mark the end of another Mandela Month, it is fitting to start with Madiba’s words on the issue that we’ve all taken a stand against. He said that ‘our freedom remains incomplete, as long as we are denied our security by those who commit violence against our women and children.’

Looking at the state of our nation today, his words still ring painfully true. Adults and children are trapped at home with abusive partners or parents, and as the financial stresses of unemployment exacerbate the situation even further, it’s up to all of us to take a stand and to help end the scourge of violence against the most vulnerable members of our society.”

Van der Riet adds that AVBOB’s primary objective is to show its stakeholders that it is not only creating awareness, but that it is taking definitive action. “Furthermore, as a mutual, AVBOB supports people, communities and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of those around us. This bears testament that AVBOB remains true to its brand promise, We’re here for you®”

The seven NGO’s that have received donations are:

Aldabri 99 from Tongaat, Durban. The NGO advances community development through women empowerment projects and skills development campaigns in and around Durban. AVBOB’s donation will be used to fund counselling for victims of GBV and towards programmes that provide emotional support, legal advice, and medical assistance.

Aldabri Community Development and Capacity Building

Arebueng Community Support from Randfontein. The NGO primarily focuses on fighting GBV and its exacerbating effects on the disadvantaged families of Rand West City. AVBOB’s funds will be used to purchase food parcels for women and children facing GBV.

Arebueng Community Support from Randfontein

Empower from Worcester, Western Cape. The non-profit organisation’s focus is on community leadership development, youth development and job creation in townships. The funding received from AVBOB will be used to fund the costs of running the place of safety, replenishing hygiene products and airtime packages for volunteers who conduct telephonic counselling.

Empower Strategic Development

Helping Those in Need from Berea, East London. The NGO operates a place of safety for abused, neglected children and rape victims. AVBOB’s donation will be used to purchase and distribute food and hygiene packs for their beneficiaries.

Helping Those In Need

Kgoro Ya Thuto from Waverly, Bloemfontein. The organisation tackles the problems of sexual abuse and other forms of GBV in the community of Thaba-Nchu. The donation from AVBOB will be used for the continued provision of much needed sanitary products and food parcels to beneficiaries and to fund the costs of their skills development programmes.

Kgoro Ya Thuto

Letoya Makhene Foundation (LMF) from Tladi, Soweto. LMF focuses on the empowerment of women, children and the LGBTQI+ community. The AVBOB funds will be used for the purchase of food and blankets to be distributed to the victims of GBV.

Vision of Love from Thabazimbi, Limpopo. Vision of Love provides aid and services to persons experiencing domestic violence and leads the struggle to end GBV through advocacy and community-based educational campaigns in Thabazimbi. AVBOB’s donation will go towards food parcels and facemasks for identified beneficiaries.

Vision of Love

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