Study in Japan Fair 2020 goes online for South Africans

Study in Japan Online Fair for South Africa will be held in September.

Study in Japan Online Fair 2020 will be held 14-18 September on Facebook.

Published Aug 21, 2020


Participants will have access to information for over 42 universities to use as their tool to identify the university best suited for them.

By the end of the 5th day participants will have obtained knowledge on how to apply for universities for bachelor/master/doctoral courses and the available scholarships.

Event: Study in Japan Online Fair in South Africa 2020

Date: 14-18 September

Time: 9AM SAST, 30-40min seminar be streamed on Facebook group

Pre registration required:

A detailed programme will be sent to register by email prior to the event.

The programme is a series of seminars streamed each day on our dedicated Facebook group focusing on following themes;

Mon 14 Sept - Overview of Study in Japan

Tue 15 Sept - Voices of South African students in Japan

Wed 16 Sept - Career path after graduation

Thu 17 Sept - Scholarship information

Fri 18 Sept - Steps to study in Japan

Additionally, participants will have an opportunity to contact 22 universities directly who will be on standby to respond to any inquiries you may have. It is a great opportunity for those who would like to inquire for multiple universities from one platform.

Education is a long-term commitment and you can never be too prepared. Take this opportunity to gain the knowledge in advance so you have information you need, and when you should start preparations. The great advantage of this online event is that you can join from anywhere in South Africa and we look forward to hearing from people all over the country.

This event is free and open for anyone to join, regardless whether a current university student or not. High school students are welcome to start preparing to consider Japan as their future study destination. Graduates, parents and supervisors are equally welcome to join to share the information with anyone who may be interested in studying in Japan.

Please use this event as an opportunity to open your door to your future by considering Japan as your study destination.

This event is hosted by Study in Japan Global Network Project Sub-Saharan Regional Office. It has been part of an initiative launched by the Government of Japan to enhance international students to study at our higher education institutions since 2014.

The Sub-Saharan Regional Office has been appointed as a regional office by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology (MEXT), who have commenced Study in Japan Global Network Project.

For any enquires contact [email protected]

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