Take advantage of a Richfield Tech Forward Education
Take advantage of a Richfield Tech Forward Education

WATCH: Register for a Richfield degree or diploma and get a free laptop and no data costs

By Brandstories Time of article published Feb 23, 2021

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Richfield courses have been designed for seamless contact or distance learning. We know that a digital age demands digital resources to equip students with the means to succeed.

That’s why we keep our students up to date on their education through our seamless and accessible online learning platform coupled with a support system that brings students as close to campus as possible, if required.

For 30 years, Richfield has made tertiary education more accessible. This quest of ours has stood us in good stead for confronting the coronavirus pandemic and adjusting our learning practices accordingly.

All Richfield degree and diploma first-year students receive a pre-configured laptop upon registration, complete with all the software they need for a fruitful studying experience.

VIDEO: Find out more about what Richfield has to offer.

To make quality online learning even more accessible, we give our students zero data costs when accessing learning materials online through our Learner Management System, Moodle. This arrangement means that all Richfield students have affordable access to our engaging online learning resources.

With our zero-rated access, students can access lecture recordings, lecture slides, research, revision papers, tutorials, and student support, without spending a cent on data. This cost-effective approach makes a quality education possible for thousands of South Africans, and it makes learning possible for anyone, anywhere.

In addition to this, Richfield has free data available to all students at our 30 campuses nationally.

This accessibility has been extended to our registration process with the introduction of online registrations. Now, you can cut down on the cost and hassle of travelling and register from home.

Every Richfield class has a dedicated WhatsApp group to keep students up to date on important happenings and information in a timely manner. This also allows students to connect with each other and share resources in an affordable and easily accessible way.

A high-quality education is made possible by strong support and strong mental health. Living in a time reliant on technology can be taxing. Our dedicated student support hotline is another way in which we ensure quality learning for Richfield students. This hotline makes support for technical, administration, and mental health concerns easily accessible to our students, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Richfield has successfully been able to bring education to South Africans at an affordable cost. We are proud to say that our tech-forward approach is key to the world-class education that our students receive.

The added support of the hotline and dedicated WhatsApp groups makes help no more than a button away. We believe that these aspects of a Richfield education make Richfield the nurturing, innovative institution it is today.

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