Will you tell your family or friends if you win billions with Lottoland SA?
Will you tell your family or friends if you win billions with Lottoland SA?

Will you tell your family or friends if you win billions with Lottoland SA?

By Brandstories Time of article published Jul 28, 2020

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Currently on Lottoland SA, you stand a chance to win an amazing R6.6 billion in the US Powerball! With Lottoland it’s your choice to stay anonymous or to make your win public. The question is, if you win a fortune like this – would you tell your family and friends?

One of Lottoland’s first big pay-outs was in June 2018 to a lady named Cristina, who worked as a cleaner in Germany when she won 90 million Euro (around R1 846 billion) in the online bet she placed on the outcome of the Euro Jackpot.

An article in Newsday provides some good tips for big lottery winners, starting with keeping a low profile. Experts suggest that winners get a good financial adviser, accountant and a lawyer to help you set up long-term financial strategies, keep track of the money and taxes that are due and avoid any legal pitfalls.

In the same article, one of the big winners is quoted as saying that a further advantage of having a financial planning team, is that they can act as the ‘bad guys’ when someone asks you for a cut of your winnings. If you decide to talk about your lucky win, you may be approached by strangers or acquaintances you haven’t heard of in years for loans, donations or sponsorships. The easy solution to deal with these requests would be to refer them to your financial planning team to help take the pressure off you.

Big winners of Lottoland were flown to the company’s head office in Gibraltar where they receive specialist counselling from financial advisors and psychologists. Your winnings will be converted into SA Rand and paid out into your South African bank account right away. Lottoland SA will be there to support you with advice from excellent financial advisors and professional psychologists to help you deal best with this life-changing event.

US Powerball draws take place every Thursday and Sunday at 6am SA time and a standard game starts at R55. If you correctly predict the outcome of the US Powerball win, you’ll be paid out the same as you would have if you entered the official draw in the USA. So, you will win the exact same main prize values, including the Tier 1 winnings.

You don’t have to be overseas to place your bet - South Africans can use the Lottoland SA online platform to place fixed odds bets from your smart device or desktop computer, on the outcome of what is currently the biggest international draw in the world. Other big wins that are up for grabs on the Lottoland South Africa website, include R333 million in the MegaMillions or R505 million in the Euromillions.

Payouts are guaranteed as Lottoland South Africa is fully licensed and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. It is also the first and only gaming company in the world to have its own insurance company to guarantee payouts.

Another previous winner of the Mega Millions Jackpot has the last word: ‘If you never play, you never get a chance to win, and you never know when you’re going to win.’


  • Fixed odds betting is when you place a bet on
  • You can therefore indirectly take part in any of these ‘big win’ international draws, without even being in that country.
  • Lottoland does not sell physical tickets - everything is done online.
  • If you guess correctly, Lottoland will match the main prizes and pay the same amount to you as the official winning lottery draw pay out.
  • Lottoland payouts are guaranteed as the company is registered and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.
  • Winnings are converted into SA Rand and paid out into your nominated bank account in South Africa.


  • Visit
  • Click on the
  • Register with / Email / Name / SA ID Number / Mobile / Address
  • Click on the
  • Once you have successfully registered, choose a product to bet on
  • Select your chosen numbers
  • You will see next to the green button your stake value
  • Click Submit
  • If you have a promo code for a product enter this in the
  • Click on confirm and proceed
  • Choose your method of payment
  • There are 6 options to pay for your bet: Visa / Master Card / Snap Scan / Zapper / 1Voucher / SID EFT
  • Note that Capitec Cards do not support betting sites so if you are a Capitec Card Holder you can use SID EFT or alternatively Snap Scan / Zapper / Direct Deposit.
  • You can also do a direct deposit, but this will take 24 hours to reflect in our account and will thus only show in your Lottoland account 24 hours after you made the direct deposit.
  • How do I claim my winnings? When logged in click on
  • Your funds will then be transferred into your account. (Usually within 24 – 72 hours)

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