Pretoria - The city is lit with the brightest of colours with thirty thousand people celebrating heritage day in style as the city hosts Gauteng Social Cohesion Carnival. 

Pedis, Vendas, Zulus, Tsongas, Ndebeles and Indians are among those who came to show pride in their culture and also celebrate and learn of others culture and tradition.

While every culture shows off with traditional dances, drum majorettes, mesmerising floats, large 3D costumes, acrobats, trooped  enthralling dancers and bikers also shows off their skills on the parade. 

Nigeria, China, Senegal and other countries have joint in the parade with other representatives from different embassies also joining the parade.

MMC for Road and Transport Sheila-Lynn Senkubuge welcomed everyone in Tshwane and told them to pride themselves in their culture while appreciating and respecting others. 

"Today is the day we remember that there is no separation in South Africa a reminder that there is no place for xenophobia and that we are one," she said. 

Gauteng Premier David Makhura officially opened the parade and said since they reached a milestone of thirty thousand people this year, they aimed for 50 participants next year. 

"I am so happy to see so many people in this year's Carnival but what prides me most is that this carnival has created jobs and supported local businesses and that is actually a huge success," he said. 

He too condemned xenophobia and said they rather planned on introducing Swahili to be taught in schools.  

Onlookers and motorists are amazed and breathtaken by the diversity of cultures that have come together to celebrate Heritage day in the city. Beautiful colours, dancers, music and everything cultural and diverse has today graced the jacaranda city.

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