Police Minister Fikile Mbalula at a media briefing about Lieutenant-General Berning Ntlemeza. Picture: Jonisayi W Maromo/ANA

Cape Town - Police Minister Fikile Mbalula was on top form at a media briefing about Lieutenant-General Berning Ntlemeza. The minister, who was clearly vexed at the disgraced Hawks boss, drew heavily on popular culture while explaining exactly what his position on the matter is.

1. "Ntlemeza must understand that wherever he is this is not KC and Jojo. This isn't a movie. We are running a country."

2. "Robert McBride was once suspended, did he go to Pastor Mboro? Did he mobilize the masses?"

3. "This is not Bold and Beautiful, we are running a country, Ntlemeza was not voted, we were voted."

4. "He is accelerating, he is doing 300km per hour. Even Ferrari doesn't do 300km per hour. "

5. "Ntlemeza is not defying me. Me and him can box in the street. This is not about me and him."

6. "General #Ntlemeza has basically showed us the middle finger. He said I'm useless. Other things I won't tell you."

7. "It seems we've exhausted the questions, I'm getting emotional, it seems I need some prayer from pastor Mboro as well."

8. "How was Ntlemeza allowed to enter this place? He is not a journalist. He has no authority to command anyone."

9." I was on the verge of being confused by the law myself. Coz I'm a lawyer myself."

10. "I don't think he has any political backing, but I think he thinks he does."