Deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo heads the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA).
Deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo heads the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA).

5 people implicated by Colonel Dhanajaya Naidoo at State Capture Inquiry

By SIHLE MAVUSO Time of article published Oct 3, 2019

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Durban - The almost week-long explosive testimony of Colonel Dhanajaya Naidoo before the Zondo commission probing state capture allegations left a number of people forced to respond to allegations made against them.

Some have already come out to dismiss his testimony while others are yet to deny the allegations levelled against them. 

At the end his testimony on Wednesday in Johannesburg, the former crime intelligence officer shed tears for his role in the looting of the crime intelligence slush fund which was supposed to be used for operations but instead became a piggy bank for some. 

Naidoo has been living under witness protection for eight years with his family as a result of the investigation into the abuse of the fund. He testified via an audio link for his entire testimony in a bid to protect his identity.

Here are some of the people he implicated: 

Police Minister Bheki Cele

Starting his last phase of his testimony on Monday, Naidoo alleged that current police minister Bheki Cele got a windfall of R40 000 from the fund. 

At that time, Cele was the national commissioner of the SAPS.

Naidoo alleged that Richard Mdluli had told former Crime Intelligence chief financial officer General Solly Lazarus that he would be removed from managing the secret service account and began lobbying Cele to halt his removal. 

He then spoke about a meeting that took place at the home of controversial Durban businessman Panganathan 'Timmy' Marimuthu.

He said that Lazarus needed money for the meeting and he offered to give him R40 000. Naidoo said he believed the funds were meant for Cele and he had no reason not to think so. “None of the money was returned to me. In my assumption, it was given to Cele,” he said.

Cele has denied the allegations.  

Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa

On Tuesday, Naidoo told the Zondo commission that crime intelligence's secret service account funded the purchase of a Mercedes Benz for Mthethwa in 2010.  At that time, Mthethwa was the minister of Police. It was also alleged that his home got security upgrades courtesy from the fund. 

Naidoo alleged that Mthethwa only used the vehicle for a few months and asked that it be taken back to crime intelligence because he feared that he was being followed by journalists, thus harming his reputation. 

A denial from Mthethwa and the threat of a lawsuit came quickly. He issued a statement and said: “It is regrettable and deplorable that there are those in society who have no regard for the truth or facts and will continue to peddle falsehoods for the purpose of besmirching and tarnishing the reputations of others, for reasons best known to themselves. I continue to trust in the efficacy of our institutions, certain in the assurance that justice always triumphs. I have instructed my lawyers to sue for defamation."

Richard Mdluli 

According to Naidoo, Mdluli appears to be the chief protagonist in the looting of the fund.

According to Naidoo, the fund was Mdluli’s piggy bank that bankrolled the purchasing of luxury SUVs, overseas holiday for him and his family and benefited Mdluli’s children as informers. The most shocking was a claim by Naidoo that Mdluli treated the fund as his own wallet even giving instructions on how it should be used. 

Mdluli, who is facing troubles with the law and awaiting sentencing on a separate case, is also alleged to have used monies from the fund to upgrade his homes in Gauteng. 

Mdluli has not responded to the allegations.

TisoBlackStar Associate Editor Ranjeni Munusamy 

The name of TisoBlackStar associate editor, Ranjeni Munusamy came up for the second time when Naidoo took the stand. 

Naidoo said in 2008 he was requested by his former crime intelligence head Mulangi Mphego to assist a friend, 'Jenni', who had vehicle problems. He said he subsequently learnt that it was Munusamy who allegedly scored a car service that cost R40 000 with benefits including tyres, a car radio and seats. 

Following a previous witness's testimony about her, Munusamy denied that she was involved in any "act of bribery, corruption fraud or money laundering" or that she gained anything from state funds. 

She has made an application to present both oral and written proof the commission and to cross-examine that witness.

Former SAPS employee Panganathan Marimuthu 

The former police officer-turned-businessman is alleged to have accumulated massive wealth through corruption. Although little was mentioned about him by Naidoo, his name came up and he is now the centre of focus after the testimony. 

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