A record! IEC says over 900,000 people cast special votes



Published May 28, 2024


The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) says it has registered and processed about 937,144 voters on the second and final day of Special Voting.

IEC Chief Executive Sy Mamabolo said the figure is higher than was in the previous elections, which augurs well for turnout for tomorrow.

“We are pleased by the diligence of the electoral staff who visited voters at homes and places of confinement to administer home visits.

“This category of voters would otherwise have not been able to record their political choice,” he said.

The IEC briefed the media on the final day of the special votes.

The briefing was also to address the readiness for the May 29 elections.

However, Mamabolo said the Commission remained concerned with incidents of unlawful conduct directed at its operations or against electoral officials.

The incidents included disturbances in the voting process as well as intimidation of staff members.

Most of the disruptions were in Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape.

Mamabolo urged members of the public, including political parties to refrain from acts that incite violence.

“We urge all South Africans, including political party members, supporters, and ordinary citizens to allow electoral officials to carry out their responsibilities,” he said.

He further thanked the law enforcement agencies for their support and continued safeguarding of the electoral process.

Meanwhile, for the voters who could not vote on the two-day special voting, the CEO said they could vote with the rest of the country on Wednesday.

“Voters who for whatever reason were unable to cast a special vote may still vote at a voting station at which they are registered on election day, May 29,” he said.

On Monday, the IEC’s deputy chief electoral officer Masego Sheburi said an estimated 201,794 voting station visits of special votes were processed in 22,626 service points.

“About 624,593 voters will be visited by 62,000 officials over the two days, from the Electoral Commission, accompanied by political party agents and observers, where they are available,” he said.

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