AfriBusiness, an Afrikaner business rights watchdog, rejected proposals that water dams should be nationalised. Picture: Henk Kruger/African News Agency (ANA)

Johannesburg - AfriBusiness, an Afrikaner business rights watchdog, on Friday rejected proposals that water dams should be nationalised.

Patrick Chauke, acting chairperson for Parliament's committee on water and sanitation, on Thursday said that the ruling African National Congress (ANC) will see to it that the state "takes the water and controls it themselves".

Chauke made this statements during a sitting of the National Assembly when water problems in the Western Cape were discussed as well as clarity around the prospect of Day Zero in Cape Town.


Last month, the committee on water and sanitation reported that only 350 of an estimated 4 000 dams in South Africa were in State possession.

AfriBusiness chief executive, Piet le Roux, said that the organisation viewed Chauke's "jealousy" as a big compliment for the private sector. 

"It is indeed an admission that private water planning is much better than central planning by the state. The last thing that can happen now, is that the state gets more control over water -- it will have disastrous consequences. Just look at the state of electricity supply," le Roux said. 

"We will unequivocally oppose this."

Le Roux said that AfriBusiness was in the process of obtaining legal counsel in light of statements over the nationalisation of dams.

African News Agency/ANA