AfriForum announced that it has decided to develop a litigation strategy to oppose government's plans to expropriate land without compensation. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips/African News Agency/ANA

Johannesburg - AfriForum announced on Tuesday that it has decided to combine its efforts with the agricultural union TAU SA and the Afrikaner business organisation Sakeliga to develop a joint litigation strategy to oppose government's intended plans to expropriate property without compensation.

Over the weekend, AfriForum published a list of 195 properties allegedly identified in an internal discussion document for expropriation without compensation by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR), which it said was provided by a reputable source. 

The department has denied the existence of such a list, saying that it would be "highly irresponsible, unfair and unprocedural".

AfriForum and its partners have since encouraged their respective members and other people whose properties are on the list to contact the organisations and provide information to enable the three organisations to jointly decide on a strategy to support people who are allegedly affected negatively. 

Kallie Kriel, chief executive of AfriForum, said the threat of expropriation without compensation was of such a serious nature that they cannot afford division among the supporters of property rights.  

Louis Meintjes, president of TAU SA, said property rights and compensation at market value were key to a sustainable economy and economic growth. 

"These two principles may never be set aside. This case is bigger that any person or institution. Standing together is the only workable success for land owners in South Africa," Meintjes said. 

Piet Le Roux, chief executive of Sakeliga, said the ruling ANC was starting to show similarities with Zimbabwe's Zanu-PF, referring to land seizures in the neighbouring country which led to lost agricultural export revenues.

"Whether or not the disclosed list is the final list is not the crux of the matter. It is a fact that the ANC do have a list of farms that the party wants to expropriate in test cases under the current Constitution. This means that the ANC, just like Zanu-PF in Zimbabwe then, will try to clothe the seizure of farms with procedural legitimacy," Le Roux said.

African News Agency (ANA)