A screenshot of AgangSA Twitter account.

President Zuma has been on his worst behaviour, long before Drake did a rap song about it.

This was one of many cheeky tweets the AgangSA Twitter handle dished out on Monday in response to the president’s denial that he asked for upgrades at Nkandla.

The popular track, Worst Behaviour, by Canadian rapper Drake, was referenced in another tweet: “Actually, President Zuma never loved us. #VoteAgangSA”.

The tweets initially started off with Agang telling tweeps about the kind of South Africa they dreamt of.

Shortly afterwards, the tweets turned more casual, with the handle using slang such as “Zuma has zero chill”, tweeting funny pictures and using the infamous hashtag #TwitPicYourReaction to Zuma saying he did not ask for the Nkandla upgrades so he would not pay.

Their handle was trending for the most part of the morning, with tweeps opting to vote for AgangSA at the polls, based on their tweets.

@Panda_Mo_Nium: for the love of @AgangSA. Making politics fun since Monday morning. Keep up the good job guys. Now you have my vote!”

The tweets, including one regarding DJ Gareth Cliff, left some people wondering whether they were, in fact, real.

Agang was adamant its Twitter account was not hacked and that the party was just tweeting the truth.

“…The joke here is President Zuma’s behaviour and the ANC ministers supporting him. Enough is enough.”

“…The president’s behaviour is unacceptable. Enough is enough.”

“Out of all the excuses he could’ve used, he chooses to tell us he didn’t ask for the upgrades? #VoteAgangSA.”

Using Zuma’s response as a guide, the party urged followers: “You did not ask for Etolls, don’t pay for them. #VoteAgangSA”

When follower Jay Badza asked whether the Twitter handle was in the hands of “Aunty Helen” (Zille), the party responded: “She is busy cooking an empty pot with a doek on, singing Zahara songs. This is all us. #VoteAgangSA”

One tweep, Liza Albrecht, who was all for the new cheeky Agang said: “Why, when AgangSA finally start showing some chutzpah, people think they were hacked!”

Meanwhile, the Agang tweeting spree turned sour when they began responding to a deluge of unsightly tweets sent out from the ANC Youth League account.

The @ANC_YOUTH account called Mamphela Ramphele a disgrace, loose and a man thief.

They tweeted: “Stupid @AgangSA your loose mother @MamphelaR cheated on Biko’s wife and has already slept with the DA.”

“This anc youth league account is out of control. Wtf?!”, tweeted The Phoenix (@Thokozani_Zane)

Agang responded to the tweets stating: [email protected]_YOUTH your stupidity and ill-informed tweets are the reason we hope you never reproduce. #VoteAgangSA”

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