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Friday, July 1, 2022

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ANC calls for party to rid itself of ‘lumpen elements’ serving their own interests

Picture: Oupa Mokoena/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Picture: Oupa Mokoena/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Published May 21, 2022


Cape Town - The ANC has warned of the emergence of classes that seek to pursue self-interests and wreak havoc in society for their own benefit at the expense of the party and the state.

It called for the intensification of the fight to defeat these classes.

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It said in its discussion documents, in the section titled: “Dynamic of lumpen strata in the social structure”, that these can be found in the mobilisation of society, construction mafia demanding a cut in businesses and other groups.

It described these as “lumpen elements” that can be found in a cross section of society pursuing their own needs.

It said among them were “the parasitic bureaucratic bourgeoisie, some of whom seek to capture state institutions and re-purpose them for their own accumulation.”

Some were groups that “demand ‘empowerment cuts’, outside of the law, in projects being carried out in various localities.”

President Cyril Ramaphosa has spoken out against the emergence of the construction mafia that demands cuts on the sites.

He said the SAPS would form specialised units dealing with the construction mafia and mining syndicates that are invading mines across the country and pillaging them of resources.

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The other groups can be found in the social movements, labour and churches.

What brings them together is that they seek wealth accumulation using unethical means.

These elements position themselves as leaders fighting against the capitalist system, but their conduct points to undermining social transformation.

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This is due to their desire and interest in wealth accumulation.

The ANC said it needs to keep an eye on what it described as a “novel phenomenon”.

“These toxic elements have also targeted the ruling party and state structures for penetration, including at sub-national government levels. Renewal of the ANC as an agent for change demands that war be declared against lumpens.

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“The party must weed out lumpen elements within its structures for its own survival. The ANC can no longer function without a strong, highly political and disciplined security structure to support its leadership organs,” said the ANC.

“Many of the individuals and social forces that were involved in the July 2021 partial insurrection, both at leadership and mass level, are part of the lumpen strata that has burgeoned in our communities partly as a result of joblessness and poverty,” it said.

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