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Parliament - The ANC in Parliament has called for a special caucus meeting on Wednesday morning in what is seen as a move to brief it on a motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma.

ANC caucus spokesperson Nonceba Mhlauli on Tuesday confirmed the special caucus on Wednesday.

“I confirm that the chief whip (Jackson Mthembu) has called a special caucus tomorrow at 10am and he has subsequently requested that the chief whips’ forum sit at 8am,” said Mhlauli.

The special caucus follows the stand-off between the ANC and Zuma over the last few days with the president refusing to resign.

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It is expected that Mthembu will formally table a motion of no confidence in Zuma and the debate could be held in days.

This would come after the chief whips of all parties have held a special meeting on Wednesday.

The ANC is the majority party in Parliament and has more than 62 percent of support in the House.

Zuma has in the past been saved by the ANC’s majority in motions of no confidence against him.

If the ANC tables a motion against him on Wednesday it could risk his political career.

A simple majority vote would result in Zuma and his cabinet stepping down.

The Speaker of Parliament will the hold the fort for 30 days after which Parliament will be expected to elect a new President and deputy.

To impeach Zuma, Parliament must secure two-thirds majority in the house for Zuma's removal. If he goes through impeachment, Zuma will lose all benefits including security and personal bodyguards for him.

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