UKHULUMA ngokukhululeka uDkt Makhosi Khoza uma ezwakalisa imibono yakhe. Uthi ufisa ukubona abantu bethuthuka ngokwempilo ezinhlelweni abalethelwa zona uhulumeni Isithombe SIBONELO NGCOBO

Johannesburg - The ANC’s parliamentary caucus on Friday expressed concern over recent statements made by MP Makhosi Khoza over the past week.

Khoza, angered ANC leaders this week when she granted media interviews on the sidelines of the national policy conference in contravention of party rules that no delegate could grant interviews unless such is approved by the communications team.

“If they choose to fire me so be it, if they choose to kill me then so be it. I am a fan of Socrates, who had the option to apologise, but he did not because he believed in the rule of law. I also believe in the rule of law,” she said on Wednesday.

Her comments drew the ire of the caucus, which slammed her for “casting aspersions on ANC parliamentary members by saying that she doubts that ANC MPs have the necessary morality to make their own decisions”.

“We take serious exception to such utterances as they seek to question the calibre of our MPs. ANC members of parliament are tried and tested cadres of the movement who have in their own name and right contributed immensely to the attainment and advancement of our democracy.

“We further condemn the fact while the ANC was engaged in a National Policy Conference (NPC), comrade Khoza chose to run her own media conference on the side lines of the NPC.”

The parliamentary caucus also refuted Khoza’s claims that she had been denied the opportunity to raise her views in the party's caucus meetings, adding that she, like all members, had never been barred from doing so. 

Additionally, the caucus said while it respected Khoza’s decision to write to the speaker regarding the contentious secret ballot vote, it feels Khoza should’ve consulted them first.

“Furthermore, the ANC caucus has on numerous occasions said that it is not averse to a secret ballot and would positively engage in parliamentary processes on the question of the secret ballot. Therefore her actions rather strange.

"The Office of the ANC Chief Whip will forever protect the right of ANC members of parliament to raise their views however when such views are continuously and deliberately in contrast with resolutions of the organisation on particular matters, it puts the ANC Caucus, as a structure of the organisation in a very difficult position".