The ANC and the DA in the Western Cape said that they are ready to debate the motion of no confidence against Cape Premier Helen Zille Picture: Armand Hough/ANA Pictures

Cape Town - The ANC in the Western Cape said that they are ready to debate the motion of no confidence against embattled Western Cape Premier Helen Zille on Thursday.

Chief Whip of the ANC in the Western Cape legislature, Pierre Uys said: "On the 6th of June the head of the ANC in the Western Cape called a motion of no confidence in Premier Helen Zille. The DA blocked it until now, but it is on the order paper to be debated tomorrow."

"This motion is terms of the no confidence in Helen Zille, how she conducts herself and her actions... or rather her inaction," Uys said.

"We don't like to preempt debates, but the debate will take place, and the ANC will participate in this motion of no confidence as it comes forward."

The DA stated that they are looking forward to defeating what they call the ANC’s "baseless motion" of no confidence against Zille on Thursday. 

DA Caucus Chairperson Lorraine Botha said they anticipate a lively discussion on Zille’s performance as premier given the multitude of successes achieved under her leadership. 

"It is a well-known fact that the Western Cape is the best run province in the country.

"The Western Cape is a beacon of hope, despite the total mismanagement of national government by the ANC, President Zuma and his corrupt network of captured cronies."

"The fact is that the ANC in the Western Cape are a total mess. Factionalism is rife, and the party’s Metro Region has been disbanded. The situation is so bad that they needed President Zuma of all people to get involved in fixing the mess on a recent visit to Cape Town," Botha said.

"Western Cape residents have no confidence in the ANC – a fact which is demonstrated at the ballot box each time we go to the polls. The ANC has now been out of power for 11 years in the City of Cape Town, and 8 years provincially."

"The DA does not shy away from addressing issues head-on, unlike the ANC at National Parliament which continues to protect an inept, incapable, corrupt and captured president," she said.