President Jacob Zuma. File photo: Louise Flanagan


Pretoria - The 2014 election showed how deeply rooted the ANC was in people's hearts, ANC president Jacob Zuma said on Saturday.

"They have approved of the good work we have done over the last 20 years in general and in the past five years in particular," he said at the announcement of the final election results in Pretoria.

"This affirms the good story we have to tell."

Zuma said the African National Congress would use its victory to make sure water, electricity, roads and clinics were delivered to people.

It also gave the party the green light to implement the National Development Plan.

Zuma thanked the more than 11 million people who voted for the ruling party in the fifth democratic elections.

“No community in our country should live in turmoil,” Zuma said.

“To those who did not make it – losing is part of the democratic process. In democracy you win and lose.”

The ANC mustered 62.15 percent (11,436,921 votes), according to final results released on Saturday.

He extended the ruling party's gratitude to those who voted for the ANC.

“Also important to note – the people are never wrong. They make their determination on observation – we should all respect their will,” said Zuma.

“The ANC is humbled in this victory by the confidence this majority show."

The ANC will form a government that will serve all the people of our country regardless of who they voted for.”

Zuma also thanked people who despite living in violent hotspots like Marikana in the North West, Sterkspruit in the Eastern Cape and Bekkersdal in Gauteng still went out to vote.

The IEC has upheld its track record of holding free and fair elections, ANC president Jacob Zuma said on Saturday.

“We thank the IEC for enabling our people to exercise their Constitutional right to vote diligently,” he said at the announcement of the final election results in Pretoria.

“The declaration of the elections as free and fair and transparent is an achievement for the South African people. “

Zuma praised the Electoral Commission of SA for its work and for sorting out problems during the election time speedily.

This election has given the ruling ANC government a mandate to pursue “inclusive economic growth and job creation,” Jacob Zuma added. - Sapa and Reuters