File photo: Phill Magakoe/Independent Media
Rustenburg – The African National Congress (ANC) and its leader has not lost a moral compass, the party's Ngaka Modiri Molema region in North West said on Friday.

"There is no truth to the political claim that is being peddled by the opposition and the beneficiaries of white monopoly capital that the government of the ANC and its President [Jacob Zuma] has lost a moral compass and has abounded the struggle of non-racial, non-sexist, equal, democratic and prosperous nation," said region task team spokesperson Lebogang Ditire.

"ANC in Ngaka Modiri Molema, wishes to express their condemnation of the continued attempt by the white monopoly capital in the form of Save SA and Opposition parties to circumvent political processes of the Republic. They actively seek to co-govern with the elected executive by using courts and our people as platforms for pursuing mostly political positions."

He said the ANC has remained faithful to the cause of freedom.

"It leads the national struggle for the emancipation of all oppressed and exploited black people. It stands for a new order in South Africa where racism shall be a thing of the past and human dignity and equality shall prevail in the life of our country."

He said the regional task team (RTT) was confident of the processes leading to the regional conference, to rise to the challenge of charting a path for the movement for the next years, to unite and strengthen the movement, and to adopt policies and programmes that make a real difference to the lives of all residents of Ngaka Modiri Molema, particularly the poor.

" In the conference, which will be held soon, delegates will be required to faithfully reflect the views of the general membership of the ANC. Delegates will also need to demonstrate the discipline and commitment to this task that the structures who mandated them will expect."

He said it was important that participants at conference, whether delegates, observers or guests, desist from any conduct that may be divisive, disruptive or otherwise deviate from the democratic traditions of the ANC.