Athol Trollip delivers the state of the metro address in Despatch. File picture: Mpumelelo Matwa

Port Elizabeth- The African National Congress (ANC) in Nelson Mandela Bay on Thursday slated the Democratic Alliance-led coalition government for failing to meet its promises over the last year, adding that it was an administration only catering for the rich. 

The ANC held a press conference following Executive Mayor Athol Trollip's state-of-the-metro address. 

The party presented a 30-page detailed performance report labelled, "The DA brings the blues to Nelson Mandela Bay". The report cites where the administration made progress but mostly highlights what the ANC perceive to be failures and setbacks. 

ANC leader, Bicks Ndoni, said that the DA-led coalition failed to deliver a message of hope to the people of Nelson Mandela Bay highlighting that the metro failed to champion mega projects. 

Ndoni said that the administration failed to implement the integrated public transport system (IPTS), despite dates given for completion, there were still problems in getting the project up and running. 

"Other projects he mentioned today those projects were unveiled by us, they cant claim those projects." 

Ndoni said revenue collection was being celebrated at the the expense of the poor and catalytic projects were underway in advantaged communities namely "the old wealthy white areas" -- which included Baakens Valley, Summerstrand and Humewood. 

"They are celebrating money that came from poor people. It's a celebration of criminal activity against poor people, the slaughtering of the poor," said Ndoni.

"Money meant to upgrade the townships, are shifted to other projects and no attention gets paid to where the majority of people live. The refuse collection in the townships is a serious problem." 

Ndoni said that the ongoing tensions within the coalition government were affecting council business. 

"The last few months have been characterised by instability with council meetings being re-scheduled out of fears and problems the coalition is facing," said Ndoni. 

The ANC's Rory Riordan accused the DA of being a government for only the rich, adding that their budget was the most anti-poor budget that had been passed in the 23 years of democracy. Riordan said that Trollip had only achieved 28.4% of the promises made at his 100 day in office speech. 

"We represent the poor wards and the DA represent the wealthier wards and it will come out in the way they govern. A year into DA government a strategic plan does not appear to exist and the [Integrated Development Plan] IDP is a plagiarised document greatly lacking detail," said Riordan. 

Riordan said the entire lack of funding for new community facilities in poor areas over a three year period was appalling, adding that property rates had risen by too large a percentage. 

"Forced removals are back justified now by the twin reasons of legality and public order, they are an unnecessary cruel attack on our poorest of citizens. To spend R2.2 million on legal fees to destroy poor peoples property in order to justify your policy failures is disgraceful," said Riordan. 

African News Agency