Cape Town - 100813 - National Assembly at Parliament in Cape Town - Photo: Matthew Jordaan

Cape Town - The ANC in Parliament has noted with “grave concern” the opening of an Adult World sex shop right in front of parliament.

The same store attempted to open in 2004 but was closed following strong objections.

At the time MPs strongly objected to the opening with former ANC MP Patrick Chauke leading the charge, describing the opening as “undermining” the country’s democracy.

ANC parliamentary spokesman Moloto Mothapo said yesterday the office of the ANC chief whip Stone Sizani would now seek legal advice on how to deal with the matter.

“The same store, Adult World, attempted to open in 2004 but was closed following strong objections. The opening of such store within the vicinity of the Houses of Parliament does not auger well for the integrity and standing of such a constitutional body,” said Mothapo.

The sex shop is situated in Plein Street, less than 50 metres away from the entrance to parliament offices.

Mothapo said since 1994 Parliament has transformed into an “open and accessible” institution which daily welcomes scores of people from all walks of life – including school children, religious communities and tourists.

“Having stores of this nature next to Parliament may offend certain people’s moral sensibilities or belief systems and discourage them from visiting Parliament. Parliament cannot claim to be accessible and open to the public when, it has on its doorstep, certain businesses which people might find morally offensive,” said Mothapo.

He said the ANC will request Parliament to seek a legal opinion on the “lawfulness of having such store trading right in front of the institution”.

“The City of Cape Town must, within the context of its own bylaws, also explain the decision to permit such business next to Parliament,” said Mothapo.