Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa File picture: Elmond Jiyane/GCIS
Colesburg - Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has launched another missile to position himself in the presidential race.

During his address at the ANC provincial elective conference in the Northern Cape on Friday, Ramaphosa, who made his way around Colesberg travelling in an Oryx helicopter, was welcomed with raucous applause inside the venue at the sports grounds.

He likened the ANC to a “big, broad church” that was“in danger”,due to divisions, of ripping the party apart.

“The organisation that was once united is now divided by selfish individuals looking to advance their personal interests. While we are far from total disintegration, we need to pause and take a long hard look at ourselves. We need to ask ourselves how we lost our way and retrace our steps back to where we belong.”

Ramaphosa called for a change in leadership.

“The leaders voted in must be beyond reproach, who can bring about the renewal of the ANC. We do not want arrogant leaders, who think that they know it all or who will leave our people behind. The leadership must restore faith in the organisation, confidence in its supporters and serve by example.

“The leadership must work together to build a united and stable ANC.”

Ramaphosa cautioned members against factionalism and booing of leaders in public spaces.

He added that the symbolic rebirth of the ANC had to begin in the Northern Cape. “We are born of greatness; the eagle is the strongest bird in nature. It is powerful and is able to attack smaller predators. The eagle knows when to retreat to regain its strength. It is then that the eagle flies to the highest mountain to reflect on its life to see what it can do to strengthen itself .

“The eagle will go to the rocks and go through the bloody process of taking out its own blunted claws and beak, thereby removing all its tools to catch prey. It will stay for a few months reflecting and regaining its strength. Once its beak and claws have grown back, the eagle returns stronger. This is what the ANC should be doing.”

He said the ANC was aiming for at least a 75% majority win in the national general elections in 2019.

“We can only achieve this if we remove the blunt claws and beaks and keep our eyes on 2019.”

Ramaphosa highlighted the need to manage state-owned enterprises properly to bring about economic benefit. “They must be run by executives who are committed to the developmental progress.”

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