837 President Jacob Zuma addressing the delages during the African National Congress 4th National General Council held at Gallegher Estate in Midrand north of Johannesburg. 091015 Picture: Boxer Ngwenya

Johannesburg - The ANC’s national general council (NGC) will adopt a declaration on the way forward on Sunday following an intense three-day meeting in Midrand, north of Johannesburg.

But first eight commissions have to report back to the NGC’s plenary on what delegates decided in discussions. They will then hold media briefings.

It is understood that debate was intense on Saturday in some of the commissions, which include:

- Balance of Forces

- Social Transformation

- Economic Transformation

- Education, Health, Science and Technology

- Legislature and Governance

- Communication and Battle of Ideas

- International Relations

- Peace and Stability

- Rural Development and Land Reform

Some of the commissions got off to a late start on Saturday. They will be hard pressed to finish on time in order for the thousands of delegates from all over the country to keep with their transport arrangements.

On Saturday most media reports centred around the ANC battling to counter confusion about its numerical strength, with top leaders contradicting one another about the trajectory of party membership.

Also there was much excitement with President Jacob Zuma telling a reporter on the sidelines of the conference that he would not stand for a third term.

“I will never, no I won't. Even if they beg me I won't stand,” he said.

However some in the party told journalists on Sunday morning that he was referring to if he was requested to do so at the NGC, as it was not the right forum to do so.

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