DA MP Michael Waters has removed the picture which likens people who voted for the ANC to dogs. Screengrab: Twitter

Johannesburg - The ANC has slammed DA MP Michael Waters for posting a picture to Twitter, which likens people who voted for the ANC to dogs.

“We are neither shocked nor surprised by this behaviour from a member of the DA as the party proves on a regular basis that it is nothing but a collection of bigoted racists who continue to regard black people as sub-human, dogs,” ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The true racist nature of the DA is being unmasked daily, the DA will never change its true character which is a racist organisation that exists solely to safeguard white interests at all costs,” Kodwa said.

Waters, DA shadow minister on social development, has since deleted the picture from his Twitter timeline.

The latest controversy comes after ANC members picketed outside the Eyewitness News (EWN) Primedia offices in Sandton on Friday morning over a cartoon published by EWN on Wednesday titled “A Congress of Clowns” by Dr Jack & Curtis.

The cartoon, which caused an uproar on Twitter, depicted the newly elected ANC cabinet as “clowns”, and voters as “p***hols” (a***oles or idiots). - IOL