City of Tshwane Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa. Picture: Bongani Shilubane/ African News Agency (ANA)

Tshwane - The opposition African National Congress in Tshwane on Thursday rejected Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa's settlement with engineering consultancy firm GladAfrica which has an irregular contract with the city.

"[Regarding] the unscrupulous intention by the new Executive Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa and the embattled City Manager Dr. Moeketsi Mosola to pay Glad Africa a whopping R250 million corrupt golden handshake ... we, the ANC, are astonished and left aghast by the sheer disregard for the prescripts of law by the DA administration in the City of Tshwane," said ANC Tshwane regional chairperson Kgosi Maepa.

"How the current duo in the form of Mokgalapa and Mosola simply side step an adverse record of findings of the Auditor General of South Africa on the GladAfrica scandal is baffling to us."

Maepa said Mokgalapa does not have the power to terminate the GladAfrica irregular contract and make the settlement of "a corrupt golden handshake of R250 million" payable at the end of June without approaching the Tshwane Council for approval.

"We reject with all the contempt it deserves the ill-advised corrupt golden handshake to Gla Africa and we will not support the report of the office of the Executive Mayor in its current form. We will however recommend that the irregular contract be terminated with immediate effect without any further payments," said Maepa.

"We have sought legal counsel upon hearing the intentions of the new Executive Mayor of the DA, Stevens Mokgalapa to pay GladAfrica a R250 million corrupt golden handshake ..."

The Auditor-General made adverse findings on the highly controversial R12 billion contract, declaring it irregular.

Earlier this week, Mokgalapa announced that the contract, which has already gobbled more than R300 million of Tshwane's money, will only be cancelled at the end of the financial year.

The contract was effected by the City of Tshwane in November 2017 with a view to receive assistance in the roll-out of infrastructure projects valued at R12 billion.

African News Agency/ANA