SACP first deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila Picture: Dumisani Sibeko
Johannesburg - The South African Communist Party has slammed President Jacob Zuma’s speech, calling it pathetic and dishonest.

SACP first deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila said Zuma had been economical with the truth and failed to address core issues that affect the country and the Tripartite Alliance.

He said the president had abused the platform last night (SAT) to attack the alliance.

Mapaila said Zuma had been at the core of the problems the country was facing and had failed to come clean on corruption in his speech.

Mapaila said Zuma had spoken briefly and superficially on corruption.

“He condemned factionalism but does not lead. He failed to act,” said Mapaila.

He said Zuma had not been honest with his analysis of the alliance.

“He did not indicate what made us speak outside the alliance. That is why the reconfiguration of the alliance is important. The alliance is still relevant and needs each other. We are reaffirming the centrality of the alliance to fulfil our programme, which is massive gender inequality, class inequality and the unity programme of building the nation,” said Mapaila.

He said they hope to meet with the new leadership of the ANC to address some of the problems.

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