Johannesburg - Disgruntled ANC members who have lodged court cases against the governing party came under fire from outgoing party leader President Jacob Zuma on Saturday.

Delivering his last political report as party leader, Zuma said the party needs to look at reigning in members who took it to court. His comments came in the wake of a string of damning judgements leading to the national conference.

“ANC members should use internal processes. Judges should not be asked to deal with ANC organisational processes and the direction of the movement ,” he said to a loud applause.

Those who disagreed with decisions ran to court at “a drop of a hat”, he added.

“This is gradually eroding our movement. We can’t begin to believe that courts are a solution to ANC problems...we must make it clear that whoever takes the ANC to court should understand that he has declared himself out of the ANC.”

African News Agency/ANA