The ANC in Johannesburg has heavily criticised the DA-led government in the City, saying it continues to fail residents. Picture: Twitter/@Noni_M2

Johannesburg - The ANC in Joburg has yet again come out guns blazing in criticism of the DA-led government in the City saying it continues to dismally fail the City's residents. 

The region's leadership held a press briefing on Tuesday in which it announced score cards for the DA administration.

The ruling party's chairperson in the region Parks Tau said the opposition party had scored 20% on performance during its first year in office. 

It also gave DA Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba an H for the manner in which he has run the municipality.

"The performance assessment conducted by the ANC Greater Johannesburg Region into the coalition's promises to local residents, its ambitions 10-point plans, its first 100 days in office's commitments, show a significant failure that has plunged the City into a state of paralysis," Tau said.

He added the assessment was based on six facts that included the Constitutional mandate of local government and the National Development Plan, among other things.

He also added two weeks into office, Mashaba had made promises but has not kept them.

"The DA-led coalition has instead reduced a progressive African City into an institution that has failed to meet its new investor targets in the past 12 months. The ongoing financial crisis of the City have also seen the government of the day borrow up to R4 billion for operations in the first months of the current financial year," he added.

While the DA has maintained that when it came to office it inherited many challenges from the previous administration, speaking on the current Billing crisis facing the City of Joburg, Tau said the ANC had taken responsibility and that it was now time that Mashaba does the same. 

He said Mashaba had himself admitted to revenue streams suffering saying this can be seen in June and July revenue figures.

The ANC, which says the crumbling service delivery that has been seen through water and electricity delivery targets not being met in informal settlements, added the DA had to immediately introduce austerity measures in order to save the city from what it termed as darker days that lie ahead for residents.

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