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Durban - ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa, speaking on the final day of the KZN elective conference on Saturday, said the newly-elected provincial leadership had a responsibility to lead a united party.

“The people of this province look to it to give them hope and the transformation they desire. They have every right to be aggrieved when they see the ANC at war with itself. They lose hope and walk away from us. When we fight amongst ourselves we disappoint people because they expect unity.”

Ramaphosa sent out a strong message to the delegates, telling them that radical unity and radical renewal was needed.

“ This conference has restored the hope in the ANC and demonstrated our ability to self-correct. You succeeded against difficult odds that included court challenges and long delays.”

Ramaphosa said he was pleased that those who failed to win positions on the provincial leadership body had approached him and had been magnanimous about the outcome.

“I want to thank those who did not succeed. All of them came up to the table and said ‘President we accept the outcome of this election’. No one should be tempted to go against the will of this conference and challenge these elections. No one should even be tempted to do so. This is a democratic process that has yielded this result.”

Ramaphosa said history will record that this was a pivotal movement for the ANC in KZN.

“Delegates have had to confront the differences that divided us in this province. The ANC has been divided for too long in this province. The ANC is united today.

“This is now the time to rebuild the ANC and to return it to the strength levels that we are accustomed to.

He said this was the time to renew the values and traditions of the ANC, to rebuild structures and regain the confidence of people.

“As we go into elections we always say our hope and trust is in the ANC in KZN. Today you are starting a journey to return the ANC to where it belongs.”

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